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Asking over and over the same question in a relationships reading …bad?

So maybe you’re heartbroken or not sure about this new person you’re dating, or in a long distance relationship that makes you feel insecure, you don’t know what’s going on in your relationships but want to know- so you do tarot readings after Tarot readings and it never ends…

Sounds familiar?

You know it’s bad, but you can’t help it. You are obsessed and addicted to Tarot…It  is what you tell yourself and what everyone everyone else tells you too. You’re a goddamn Tarot Junky!!! ewwww….Doesn’t sound too good…

Well I’m here to tell you that it isn’t all that bad! It’s all a matter of perspective (cough cough…)

lifeisaboutOk..Joking aside, my experience with doing multiple readings on the same subject when it comes to relationships reading is that even if you draw cards after cards in order to get to the answer you want to hear, by the time you get the answer you really want there will be a patterns of cards revealing themselves first to you.

So before you get to that Ace of Cups card that will mean that this  » big outpouring » of Love and emotion is coming your way, then you will most likely get a set of cards showing up again and again that will describe the reality of your realtionship. A 2 of Wands,  2 of Swords or 4 of Cups for a long distance relationships that requires a choice to be made or a feeling of boredom from waiting…or The Hangedman keeps showing up over and over in order to express a sacrifice to be made…or on the contrary you keep getting 2 of Cups, Ace of Cups, 10 of Cups in a relationships you feel so unsure about the other person’s feelings and not matter how black you want to paint the scenario it keeps coming at you with positive feelings. Feelings you can no longer deny inside yourself and for the other.

You will start to see the same cards over and over in your multiple readings before you get to the one you expect to get. And even though you want to consciously deny those cards, these patterns of occurence will so overwhelm you that you won’t be able to deny their existence. The patterns of the same reoccuring cards will be  so stamped within your subconscious that no matter how hard you try to look the other way, you won’t be able to deny yourself the « reality » of the relationship situation as described by this reoccuring pattern.

To me that’s one way you can see  a positive aspect from doing readings over and over on the same subject.

The second manner in which multiple readings have a positive effect is on your reading ability is that by drawing cards after cards after cards in order to get what you want, what happens is you start to look up the meaning of each single cards you drew. You go in the internet to find out meaning of combos, you browse forums to know what exactly this card meant in regards to your relationship status, you engage in discussion in forums to underdstand exactly what a card really meant in regards to your whacky relationship status, you compare notes with other etc…and by the end of your obsession, well…Congratulation! you have mastered all the 78 Tarot cards meaning by heart.

So what’s the fastest way to learn Tarot?

Just get into a crazy relationship you feel really insecure about, do readings after readings compulsively and Bingo, you have a just become a Tarot pro! Worked for me years ago…






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