The Moon as feelings for someone

Keywords : Secretive, illusion, introspection, sad, confusion
The Heart of Stars Tarot deck


The Moon as feelings is secretive, introspective and sad. The person feels confused and unclear about their own feelings. There is a mixed feeling of longing and sadness.

The Moon is mysterious, and represents the hidden subconscious feelings from a person. It represents illusion and fear, one person may be under the spell of fantasies, illusions and even deception.

The light of the sun is projected on the moon, likewise a person is projecting fears and fantasies, different scenarios on the canvas of their mind and are getting more and more confused inside the maze of their inner phantasmagoric world.

The person may also feel like there is a mysterious attraction from one person to another where things are left unsaid, where many areas in the relationships are still unclear. That person feels there is a sort of « psychic » link between them. The person feels unclear, confused and dreamy and gives the other only « grey » promises or is as distant and silent as the moon towards them.


The Moon Reversed as feelings means the person is retreating into a inner world of sadness and mourning. The person feels depressed and can’t seem to be able to express their feelings.

The person is feeling paranoid and has let their inner world of skewed projections take upon their reality. Their bottled up feelings for the other feels like madness and are unhealthy.

They are retreating and project negative « psychic energy. » They feel extreme fear and insecurity, where only rest or risky behaviors can provides them some sort of relief.