The Tower as feelings for someone

Keywords : Shock, crisis, unexpecting feelings & realisation

The Runes of Mannaz deck


The Tower   is usually linked with chaos, shock and destruction. As feelings it means someone has to deal with very sudden « shocking » and unexpected feelings for the other person. Those feelings can be either very positive or negative depending on the situation. It usually is a mix of those two extreme feelings of love/hate, where one cannot accept or denies feeling a certain way.

When it comes to people not being in relationship and still dating, it usually means the « other » person rocks their world, but the realisation comes as a shock, a moment of crisis. There might be factors that prevents them from being together or the relationship doesn’t fit into their model, upbringing or society expectation. It could also be feelings or news expressed from a person that was totally unexpected that brings a shock.

Whatever the case is « their world is being rocked. »

The Tower  expresses unexpected and intense feelings that changes often in a frantic manner. One may go from very loving to very jealous and possessive in a flash. It expresses the many high and lows in one’s mood towards the other person and their overall feeling of insecurity. In any case, the person is a wreck…not stable emotionally. Their contribution to the relationship is stormy, passionate, chaotic and messy…anything but boring.

Finally, The Tower as feelings brings a desire to bring upon a radical change in the way the current relationship is going.


The Reversed Tower as feelings is about feeling the after effects of a shock or a crisis. The person  had a sudden and shocking realization and is still processing the experience.

The Reversed Tower can also indicate a sudden outburst. The person feels a very strong emotional reaction about the other person…usually anger.

It  expresses being so confused with one’s emotions  that one is having an outburst. One may have realized that one has made a wrong choice and is now experiencing the effects of that choice or  one may experience intense fear from having made a bad decision or action.