Judgement as feelings for someone

Keywords : Awareness, wake up call, realization, growth, rite of passage.



Judgement as feelings means there is a wake up call.

A person feels that the their partner in the relationship awakens certain feelings that reflects deep aspects within themselves that they can’t overlook and is contributing to their growth. The Judgement card as feelings often expresses the willingness to forgive either oneself or the other. It expresses the willingness from one person to forgive their past and the desire to change and be more open.

The Judgement card can sometimes means that the person feels « judged » by the other person, but it usually expresses that their partner offers a reflection that is an opportunity for growth and change. They feel their partner reflects certain aspects that they need to change within themselves rather than being predominantly  « judgemental »  towards them.

Whatever the outcome of this « judgement » is, it expresses a phase that the person is going through within the relationship, a « growth » period. The person will be able to start anew and leave the past behind.

The person with Judgement feelings, feels like this is a « rite of passage » in the relationship, a time where trial and errors are being tested.


The Reversed Judgment expresses feelings of being judged and being remorseful, angry about it. The person with reversed Judgment feelings is vengeful and angry.

They are not pleased with a certain turn of events and they let it be known. They feel spiteful, ungrateful and can’t seem to let go something from the past. They are not ready to move on until all the air is cleared. Unlike the « angry »  Tower reversed feelings, their feelings are more subdued and passive agressive.