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Death as feelings for someone

Keywords : Death, change, ending, transformation, new beginning

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As feelings, Death often means that a person’s initial feelings have changed from one thing to another. Death as feelings means change and transformation.

Death as feelings can also mean that their feelings for the other person have literally died.

The person may feel numb or may have simply moved on from the relationship. They feel « cold » and a distance in the relationship may have been taken voluntarily in order to better reflect on it.

Often though, Death means that there is a change operating in the person’s feelings. Death represents a pivotal moment in the person’s realization of their feelings. Something has undeniably changed, something is different and their relationship can never remain the same now for the better or for worse.


Death Reversed as feelings means the person has trouble letting go of their past. They may have told themselves a relationship was over, only to find old feelings still creeping in.

With the Death reversed, the person’s feelings have difficulty accepting change. They may have come to a previous conclusion about the relationship, or their partner’s feelings, yet they can’t seem to accept it. Something inside them make them cling to something different.

Death reversed fears and can’t embrace change. Death reversed is about feeling resistance.



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