The Magician as feelings for someone

Keywords : Manifestation, confidence, skills, ability, intelligence. UPRIGHT The Magician as feelings for someone is about having confidence in one’s ability to bring harmony in the relationship. The person feels he/she has the ability to reconcile any differences or challenges there may be. This person feels there is great potential that can be manifested  positively […]

Strength as feelings for someone

Keywords : energy, courage, will, strength, endurance    UPRIGHT Strength as feelings means the person feels the relationship strenghten them. They feel a sense of partnership, a bond that makes them feel more courageous, more confident. It can also mean that the person feels that the relationship will require them to develop qualities of strength, […]

The Devil as feelings for someone

Keywords : desire, attachment, lust, codependency, attraction, sexual attraction, temptation   UPRIGHT The Devil as feelings often means the person feels sexual attraction for the other. The other inspires feelings of temptation, lustful desires … As feelings, The Devil relates to feelings of attachment. The person feels some form of attachment towards the other that […]

The Hierophant as feelings for someone

Keywords : Tradition, mariage, values, platonic love, respect, spiritual bond. UPRIGHT As feelings, The Hierophant means the person has very traditional feelings towards the other person. Their feelings may follow society expectations or traditional values from their upbringing. It can point to feelings of mariage. The Hierophant as feelings means their feelings have a spiritual […]

Judgement as feelings for someone

Keywords : Awareness, wake up call, realization, growth, rite of passage.   UPRIGHT Judgement as feelings means there is a wake up call. A person feels that the their partner in the relationship awakens certain feelings that reflects deep aspects within themselves that they can’t overlook and is contributing to their growth. The Judgement card […]

The Lovers as feelings for someone.

Keywords : Love, sharing, gift, soulmates, intimate UPRIGHT As feelings, The Lovers expresses love, intimacy, connection and sharing. There is a  feeling of deep intimacy going on and the person feels much chemistry towards the other. The person feels attraction towards the other. The person feels a deep kinship, there is a deep « Soul » connection […]

The Empress as feelings for someone

Keywords: Nurturing, motherly, creative, nourishing, loving, caring.   UPRIGHT As feelings, The Empress represents someone whose feelings are very nurturing, tender and motherly for the other. The person feels attracted and sensuous towards the other. There is a feelings of care and the desire to nurture the other. The other person makes them feel radiant […]

The Tower as feelings for someone

Keywords : Shock, crisis, unexpecting feelings & realisation The Runes of Mannaz deck UPRIGHT The Tower   is usually linked with chaos, shock and destruction. As feelings it means someone has to deal with very sudden « shocking » and unexpected feelings for the other person. Those feelings can be either very positive or negative depending on […]