Paintings by Gary Abkin used with authorisation. Oil on Canvas. 


As an Empath and someone sensitive to energy, I can naturally sense if a place is « haunted » by a ghost or an entity.

A Haunting is just an energy that remains stuck in one place and that needs to be cleared.

Whenever I walk into a haunted home, I can sense immediately with an « odd chilling » sensation that a home has some « ghost » energy.

With those sensations felt, messages comes but not always. I therefore use the Tarot cards in order to better communicate with  the spirit(s) and to have greater clarity into the ghost’s personality, intention etc,

Spirits in my experience fall in 3 main categories : Spirits, Ghosts and Negative Entities/demons.

Spirits are usually deceased loved ones that have crossed over and only come temporarily in energetic form to communicate a message to their friends or loved ones or just say hello before they go back into their lighter Spirit form. It usually takes some effort on their part for those spirits to condense themselves to a level that is close to our level of human density in order to better communicate with us. These Spirits are benevolent and loving and carry a lighter version of their personality that they embodied during their lifetime on Earth. There is no need for energy clearing with those Spirits. To communicate with those spirits using the Tarot makes it easier for them to deliver their message to their loved ones.

Ghosts are deceased people that have not crossed to « The Light » and have not embodied a Light/Spirit form due to fear and a level of ignorance that is led by strong beliefs that they are not deserving to be loved or to be free or they may have deep unresolved issues linked with our realm that they feel attached to and cannot let go of. They make up for the majority of hauntings. The ghosts are stuck in a in-between world, and are in need of assistance in order to fully cross over into « Light ». Ghosts like people come in great diversity and different degrees of positivity or negativity. Due to being  stuck in a  » no man’sland » they are usually not the happiest of people and their negativity towards people in a home is mainly a manifestation of their frustration and the need to make themselves known. It is mainly a call for help.


F E A R is False Evidence Appearing as Real


 Negative entities are Demons, but I don’t like to use that term as it gives them more power than they actually have. The only power they can have over a person is the fear that you have projected and created as « real » in your experience based on false evidences and beliefs that have been « implanted ». Demons will manipulate symbols, experiences in order to create confusion and fear. They may communicate directly if you are sensitive or through dreams/nightmares.

There is no evil beings, there is only fearful beings doing unloving things…

Those negative entities are just very ego and fear driven entities that are stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts towards self and others to the point they forgot who they truly are and come from. They are making a minority of the hauntings but when they occur their energy is more stubborn and requires a more thorough energy clearing. Their energy is very agressive towards the occupants and what they consider « their » space and have a very mischievous attitude with strong intent to cause harm.

There is a 4th minor category of energy, that I call an echo, or « ghost memory ».  It is just stale, old energy that remains from a place that had a heavy environment or event happening. There is no ghosts, spirits or entities, but it is just an energetic memory that like a « foul stench » hasn’t yet cleared the space or area and has stuck to the walls.




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Haunting ghost energy clearing

Scanning and clearing of the stuck energy of a Ghost that haunts a place.

In person visit : 370.00$ for a regular home or a small business. (not including travel expenses)

Negative entity energy clearing (demons)

In-person House clearing : $450.00

For a larger business ( building with warehouses, many floor levels and many ghosts/entities.) Call for more info on pricing.)

Q & A

What if the entity, ghost or spirit is still around after we booked a session?

It very rarely happens that after a session the entity is still haunting the place as I generally receive a clear message and feel immediately the blocked energy of the place and the spirit being lifted. But if it occurs that the energy still remains, it is most likely that the ghost may be a « negative » entity that is more stubborn. I then use a more forceful mean to move the energy. I usually pick up first-hand if it is a « negative » entity that haunts the place in the type of « dialogue » that takes place with the spirit.

If a third attempt fails to clear energy, I would give an entire refund of my service, but it has never happened so far…

Why don’t you do the more « thorough » cleansing in the first place?

It isn’t actually a more thorough « cleansing », it is just that the type of conversation with the spirit is different. The analogy is as if you meet two lost travelers in the street and one is asking for directions nicely (ghosts) and others are being really rude about it (negative entities) Your response is different for each traveler though pointing to the same direction. In general an exchange with « spirits » is very consistant. There may be resistance at the beginning from the ghost to leave but it is always followed with an understanding for the need to truly cross-over, to evolve and clear the path for a new journey into Light.

Is it more difficult to rid of a « negative » entity?

Yes only because it is a more « stubborn » energy that feels really entitled to the place they haunt, the people they bother, the illusion of power they hold in their temporary form etc..

Else it isn’t more difficult, just different.

And what do you do different?

I just go into a deeper meditation and trance-like state that takes a bit more preparation. I open my inner senses more and will get much more infos on the entity, its personality, history and most importantly its still remaining inner Light. As we are all born from Source, we all have remaining Light/Source qualities within, even the darkest of spirits. I would focus in that aspect until the entity recognizes it at being him/herself and the thread that will lead him/her to shed the fears that keep it bound to our earthly realm and move on. It takes more focus, energy from me and don’t like to line-up those type of clearings too close in order replenish my energy.

Send me a message at thom@kingofwandstarot.com if you have more questions, need more infos or if you are ready to book a clearing and I will send you a link for payment via Paypal.