Do I use Tarot for every single decision?

This is a question I am often asked by people that are usually skeptic or simply new and curious about tarot.

 » Do I use Tarot for every single decision?  »  is the same as asking :  » Are you Tarot codependant? »

Do I bring my tarot cards to the grocery stores ? and if can’t decide between skim milk or whole milk, do I draw a Tarot card?

 Of course not. Though I’m sure some tarot practitioners out there that bring their cards everywhere they go and use them for every details of their life, it is useful to remind people that Tarot is a tool.

Everyone is free to use this tool as it pleases them. If you want to use Tarot for every single decision, be my guest…

If you want to navigate life by tossing a coin, why the hell not…it’s definitely not my way to navigate through life but I have no authority to tell you that you cannot do that.

The point, not every Tarot readers are alike in the same way not all car drivers drive alike…some people drive their car recklessly others more responsibly…

But « What about other decisions? more important decisions? Do you rely on the Tarot? »

To this my answer is :  » I don’t rely on Tarot, I never rely on Tarot or any other tool, I rely on my intuition. »

 » I only use Tarot as a prop to trigger my intuition and to more easily access what I already know. « 

And here is what I think the most important point that illustrates my use of Tarot and other Oracle tools.

I see the Tarot as a tool that can only tell you what you already know. The Tarot for me, never, and I say never, ever reveal something to me that is so shocking and surprising that it will alter my whole perception of a situation. After so many years of reading Tarot, I never encountered a situation for myself or another that said :  » Wow I never knew that!!! that’s so shocking!!! » no on the contrary, the most common reaction is :  » Jeez, indeed, I knew that already. » or « wow, so true.  » or « Yep, that’s how it is. » The biggest element of surprise is that it reveals only what you truly and already deeply know about a situation.

The Tarot for me sheds light, bring clarity into a situation; it removes the cobwebs of beliefs and fears that are « covering up » a situation and prevents you from seeing the situation how it really is.  It removes the projections we layer upon a situation. When those layers are removed what is left is the truth and clarity of a situation. It is usually the truth that we hide from ourselves or others, but this truth lives inside us already. It is already present and whenever it is revealed our only reaction is :  » Ha indeed!  » because we already know this to be true, we only hid it from ourselves.

As I said, I use Tarot mainly as a prop to access my intuition. We can all access this state of clarity through meditation or other practices where we foresee patterns and see a situation as it truly is, but sometimes we need « tools  » for this state of clarity to kick in. Just like some people need music or guided visualization or affirmations and chants to slow down their mind in order to access a  meditatitve state,  using Tarot in that aim is no different.

It would sound funny if someone were to  ask :  » Well? Do you rely on meditation to make all your decisions?  » or  » Why do you rely on visualizing the outcome of this situation before taking a decision??? »  Tarot to me is just a « visualizing » aid, it offers cues for better visualization that is all.

When in a state of deep  » flow » in a tarot reading I barely look at the cards, I glance at one symbol or another, and can automatically make connections that enables me to see a situation with more clarity.

« What about important decisions? Do you rely on Tarot all the time? »

I recall having a big decision to make once :  » Shall I quit this job and move to another city?  » or  » stay put and endure this job for a longer time?  »

As I said, deep down I already knew the answer of this question, but the stress of the situation and the external imput and opinions clouded my judgment and my inner voice. From a perspective of « stress  » it is hard to see things clearly and trust your « gut feeling, » and it is where the Tarot can build a bridge to one’s unconscious. It enables to bypass those projections built by the momentum of thoughts created by stress and  enables  to « jumpstart » one’s intuition.

But the larger point again, is to see that it only helps me access to clarity, to what I already know. It is very important to see that I do not give my POWER to the Tarot, like : » Well…the Tarot said this…so well I’m gonna do as the Tarot said… »  » that’s fate .blablabla. » no, that’s a totally unempowering way to use Tarot.

Back to the case of the reading that involved quitting my current job at the time and moving to another city, well it was obvious that it would be a premature thing to do, but with stress from peers and feeling edgy, it could have been a possibility for me to just leave on a whim at the slightest provocation …the reading made only more clear that I better needed a plan lined up before making that move even though yes, quitting will be the best decision later on. The reading got into more specifics into the type of conflict that was present at work and what triggered me, seeing all this more clearly only comforted me more in the decision to not quit my job just yet and gave me more ideas on how to confront the sirtuation in the meantime.

It is important to see that whatever outcome you see in a reading, the choice is still yours to make, it always is. The Tarot never decides for you unless you let it…  Rather than specific answers to questions in a reading, what i found most important in a reading is to ask  at the end:  » Is everything more clear? »

For me Clarity is the goal more than the seeking for answers.


A final observation I want to make is that it is usually the people that need tools fo guidance like Tarot the most who are the ones that use it the less…If we all meditated regularly  to the point we could access a state of  clarity so that all our patterns would be clearly perceived at all times then great! but that’s not the case for most of us. Most of us live busy, stressfull lives, with very little time to make space to quiet our mind and access our intuition to see situation clearly.

If more people were able to perceive Tarot as a tool to access their state of intuition and clarity and use it in more empowering way, rather than be fearful about it, then it would create a bridge to this state of clarity that is already present within. They would be more acquainted to this state of inner-being where all answers already lay. They would have more access to what Eckhart Tolle calls The Present Moment and as a result of that, they would probably practice meditation to access clarity more…

Simply put,  at its lowest, yes, Tarot can be a crutch to people that use it in a  fearful disempowering way and at its highest Tarot can simply be a bridge towards clarity, a bridge towards meditation and whichever way you choose to use is up to you…