“It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment.” Abraham Hicks

I use Tarot as a tool to bring more flow into life.

The Tarot is a great tool to see a situation clearly. It can really help you see what prevents you from manifesting what you wish or give you confirmation on what you are doing right. It can by way of reflection gently veer you off to different options or help you align better with what you desire.

The King of Wands represents energy, vision and passion and is the symbol of my  relationship with Tarot, one that is focused upon energy.

 I believe Tarot card carries energy. The Fool carries the energy of innocence, purity, openness, whereas The Empress carries the energy of creativity, nurturing and care.

Those are « achetypal » energies that I believe we all carries to various degree within us whether expressed or not.

I believe, the Tarot mirrors those energies and emotions that are inside us and makes us conscious of them through engaging in a dialogue with our subconscious.

 TANTRA,  ZEN, LAW OF ATTRACTION : “ An energetic approach to Tarot!”

The way I read tarot is very influenced by my spiritual path, and I implement in my readings a lot of what I’ve learned and integrated during my spiritual development. My main influences have been Zen teachings,  Law of Attraction and Tantra.

Zen helped me cultivate an state of open-space or meditative state of mind in order to be receptive of messages in a reading. That « Zen-space » is called Non-dual mind because it is beyond the polarity of good and bad, right and wrong or labels.

The Law of Attraction helped me understand how things work in the realm of manifestation. It helped me understand the importance of intent and cultivating the right state of mind in order to manifest desires. It taught me tthe importance of clear statements, and « Letting go » in order to « Letting Flow. »

Tantra helped me apply an energetic approach to my Tarot readings. To me all good Tarot readers are aware of that “energetic” aspect the tarot cards have.  It is through working with the Masculine and Feminine archetypes and their energy that are represented within the Tarot cards that I use principles of Tantra in my tarot readings.

 In my readings, I draw court cards that represents the Masculine or Feminine aspect of the people involved. For example if you are represented by a  Queen of Swords, your emphasis when interacting in a relationship will be clear communication, honesty and truth while if you were a Queen of Cups, your interactions will be focused on feelings, emotions, empathy. 

When I know exactly which specific type of either Masculine or Feminine energy a given challenging situation with a person involves, I feel better equip to deal with them. Who am I dealing with ? :  » A Queen of Swords or a Queen of Cups? Where do I need to put emphasis in my communication with this person? Feelings, clarity, practicality, vision? etc…