Strength as feelings for someone

Keywords : energy, courage, will, strength, endurance



Strength as feelings means the person feels the relationship strenghten them. They feel a sense of partnership, a bond that makes them feel more courageous, more confident. It can also mean that the person feels that the relationship will require them to develop qualities of strength, perseverance and courage in order for it to work out.

The Strenght card means feelings are growing stronger the more the person interacts with his/her partner.

Strength as a person’s feelings are about feelings that are being worked upon. That person’s feelings are developing into something more solid and steady than pure passion. Their feelings are being tamed into something more mature and calm.


Strength reversed is about feeling a lack of confidence. The person feels weakened or intimidated by the relationship. They may feel a loss of power or confidence due to shyness, or other blocages.

With the Strength reversed, the person feels a lack courage to move forward. They may feel overpowered or pressured and can’t seem to make a move. They may feel exposed and vulnerable.

They may feel resistance to change due to some past hurt and can’t muster themselves to break a certain pattern, or they may just feel that this relationships will take too much work to get it to work and decide on giving up before attempting anything.