« The Life and Soul Path reading left me amazed and kept rereading all the notes I’ve taken and looking at the pictures you ve send me of the reading. … Continue readingPatricia M. Albulquerque , NM

Patricia M. Albulquerque , NM

Thank you for the reading Thom! I love how you explored what was blocking me from experiencing a relationship fully! I truly identified with the cards and all those connections … Continue readingJustina M. Budapest, Hungary

Justina M. Budapest, Hungary

 “So happy I did a reading on Love& Relationships with Thom. I’ve been single for a long time and this reading helped me see more clearly where my blocages were, … Continue readingChristine B. Paris, France

Christine B. Paris, France

« Thank you for the reading Thom on my relationship status! Your reading was really accurate about what’s going on in my relationship, the reading gave me a clear path … Continue readingBecky T. Houston, Tx

Becky T. Houston, Tx

“Thom’s readings are always spot on and pertinent to the situations I’m currently dealing with. The advice I’ve gotten from Thom has helped me tremendously and I appreciate his compassionate … Continue readingSarah P. Nova Scotia, Halifax

Sarah P. Nova Scotia, Halifax