The Devil as feelings for someone

Keywords : desire, attachment, lust, codependency, attraction, sexual attraction, temptation



The Devil as feelings often means the person feels sexual attraction for the other. The other inspires feelings of temptation, lustful desires …

As feelings, The Devil relates to feelings of attachment. The person feels some form of attachment towards the other that is often physical, emotional or both.

Though this form of attachment isn’t necessraily negative depending on the situation, it nonetheless often points to feeling of codependency.

The person may be obsessed with the other person to the point where they occupy their thoughts constantly.

They may feel possessive, jealous and manipulative in order to gain attention from their object of admiration.


The Reversed Devil as feelings means the person has a growing awareness of their own codependent, obsessive behavior.

They feel their overt attachment is not serving them best and want to break free.

The Devil reversed is about trying to have a more proper relationship with the conflicting desires one feels.