The Empress as feelings for someone

Keywords: Nurturing, motherly, creative, nourishing, loving, caring.


As feelings, The Empress represents someone whose feelings are very nurturing, tender and motherly for the other. The person feels attracted and sensuous towards the other. There is a feelings of care and the desire to nurture the other. The other person makes them feel radiant and beautiful and they want to share this sentiment.

The person with Empress feelings feels totally open, receptive and sensual. The person feels seen by the other, and feels beautiful, radiant. The person feels more energized, inspired and creative.

The Empress is down to earth, comfortable, grounded. She feels at ease with the other. That person feels like a need to take care and nurture the other with love and tenderness. She has protective feelings over her partner.


Reversed, The Empress as feelings represents someone that feels not well taken care of or neglected. It may be that this person neglect his/her own feelings or that they feel not enough attention is being paid to them. They may feel not deserving of love and may be acting selfish in their willingness to experience romance.

They may be neglecting self-care and it affects the way they approach relationships.