The Hierophant as feelings for someone

Keywords : Tradition, mariage, values, platonic love, respect, spiritual bond.


As feelings, The Hierophant means the person has very traditional feelings towards the other person. Their feelings may follow society expectations or traditional values from their upbringing. It can point to feelings of mariage.

The Hierophant as feelings means their feelings have a spiritual dimension to them, there is a mix feelings of purity and values.

In other case it can means the person is having feelings that follows the Status Quo or that the person has only platonic feelings for the other. Their relationships can be one of mentorship and student, and feelings of mutual respect that comes along.


Reversed, The Hierophant as feelings means their is trouble with following a certain tradition. The person may feel like breaking away from the way things are done. The person feels rebelious about expectations set out by either their partner, their families, society or the way people expect their relationship to be conducted.