The Magician as feelings for someone

Keywords : Manifestation, confidence, skills, ability, intelligence.


The Magician as feelings for someone is about having confidence in one’s ability to bring harmony in the relationship. The person feels he/she has the ability to reconcile any differences or challenges there may be. This person feels there is great potential that can be manifested  positively in the relationship if one’s put his/her will to it. The Magician is a person that feels in control within the relationship, they have « clairvoyance » and are ready to take upon any challenges. They feel there are possibilities, ressources, that are readily available to them and can bring growth and harmony in the relationship. They feel a sense fo power.


Reversed, the person feels powerless in the relationship or feels like using their power in a negative, non-constructive way or as a mean to undermine their partner. The magician reversed is a tricky, dishonest person that hides something up his/her own sleeves.